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Apr 22

Balance: A Few Good Blogs

Occasionally, we should see how others feel about a topic!  So here are a few blogs I thought were interesting concerning work and life balance.  ENJOY!HOW I MANAGE MY WORK LIFE BALANCETHE GREATEST MEMO ABOUT WORK LIFE BALANCE EVER?WORK-LIFE BALANCE: 5 WAYS TO TURN IT FROM THE ULTIMATE OXYMORON INTO... read more →
Apr 14
Apr 08

3 HONEST Steps to Balance

Achieving balance is often talked about, but a very rarely used action.  For some, balance is the epitome of the “work hard/play hard” theory, and for others it involves taking a cell phone and answering work related calls while on family vacation.  While I am most definitely not here to... read more →
Apr 01

Balance Or Bust

Some of you may have noticed (others maybe not) I took a month off from blogging. Aside from the fact that in the month of March I not only celebrated a birthday, but I also got married, I made a decision to allow myself some personal time! No, I was... read more →