About Us

We are marketing professionals with a heart for small businesses.  We are dedicated to creating a range of options for small business and entrepreneurs that can meet them at their level.  We believe in tying our success to the success of our clients so that our relationship is strong and meaningful.

Jacqueline Jones has been working with entrepreneurs for more than 10 years.  She officially founded One Degree MMM in 2013.  The "MMM" in our name was for music, management, and marketing to reflect the original umbrellas of our marketing company.  Though the mission is still the same, we have evolved into a full-service marketing firm providing marketing and branding services for many industries.

Our Team

Jacqueline Jones, Founder/CEO of One Degree MMM

Jacqueline Jones

CEO & Founder

Megan Williams Clark

Megan Williams Clark

Internal Marketing Director

Megan Williams Clark

Derek Matthews

Graphic Design

Megan Williams Clark

Britney Smith

Administrative Support